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Section 1. Personal Information

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University of Florida / Santa Fe College

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Experience at the University of Florida/Santa Fe College

Section 3. Other Information

CLO was founded to provide affordable meals and lodging to students in need of financial assistance. Briefly describe your financial situation, and state how you believe CLO can help you to afford your college education

CLO is a student-run organization. We manage the upkeep of our property as well as the administration of the organization. Members are obligated to complete required work details throughout each semester, and are expected to take an active role in making CLO a better place to live. What skills, abilities, and experiences would you bring to CLO?

Certification and Submission

Please note: before your application for membership can be considered complete, you must submit one letter of recommendation from a non-relative employer or educator (e.g. teacher, professor, school administrator, guidance counselor, etc.) whom you have known for more than 6 months. Please ask the writer of the recommendation to indicate that the letter is in support of this membership application.

The letter should be addressed to:

Director of Public Relations

Cooperative Living Organization, Inc.

117 NW 15th Street

Gainesville, Florida 32603

The letter may also be submitted by e-mail to :

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