Fall/Spring Semesters – $440 per month

CLO has a standard rate of $440/month for every resident during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Located 500 feet away from the University of Florida Campus, CLO prides itself on proximity and affordability. $440/month includes a fully furnished room, utilities, wifi, water, and weekday meals prepared by our in-house chef (dietary needs are accommodated).

Summer Semester – $440 per session

For the Summer Semester, CLO only charges $440 per six-week session. Many students leave town for the summer, so CLO housing goes from 80 residents to 40. Due to the even lower cost of housing, food is typically not provided during the summer semester.

Visit our Apply page to fill out your application today!

“CLO is a place where people come for the cheap rent, but stay for the community.”

Brody Sauers, CLO Alumni
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