There are multiple ways to financially contribute to the Cooperative Living Organization!

One-time or Monthly Donation

There are two easy options for making an immediate contribution.

  • The Cooperative Living Organization PayPal allows for an online, immediate donation. Through PayPal, you may make a one-time donation, or choose to have an amount periodically transferred to the CLO Alumni Foundation.
Cooperative Living Organization PayPal
  • A Check or Money Order is made payable to:

The CLO Alumni Foundation, Inc.

449 18th Ave.

Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785.

All donations are processed by the CLO Alumni Foundation and benefit current and future students at the Cooperative Living Organization. The CLO Alumni Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, making your contributions tax-deductible! For any donation, the CLO Alumni Foundation will provide you with an official receipt.

Trust-fund or Endowment

If you are interested in naming The Cooperative Living Organization in your trust or organizing an endowment, please contact Vince Assini at

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