The CLO Alumni Foundation, as the trustee of the Collegiate Living Organization, strives to ensure that the members of the CLO, through its Officers and Student Board, maintain a clean and safe residence for University of Florida and Santa Fe College students in need of financial assistance who wish to participate in a cooperative living environment that is financially sound and self perpetuating.


  • Grounds well maintained, grass healthy, shrubs trimmed, sidewalks and curbs edged, dumpster area clean, parking lot free of debris.
  • Common areas tidy and free of garbage, furniture in good repair, carpets without stains, office area organized, dinning area inviting and sanitary, kitchen spotless, and windows clean.
  • Bathrooms cleaned daily and kept in ‘as new’ condition.


  • Above average scores in all inspections performed by the University and City officials.
  • All required inspections performed on time and properly documented.
  • Any deficiencies detected during inspections corrected within 30 days at the latest.
  • Kitchen and all electrical equipment maintained in above average condition and replaced before the end of its normal useful life.

Financially Sound

  • Financial records maintained properly, tax returns and payments made on time, corporate returns filed on timely basis.
  • Rents set at such a level to ensure the establishment of sufficient reserves for major maintenance projects and the replacement of equipment.
  • Recruitment efforts and procedures carried out in order to ensure full occupancy at all times with a waiting list.

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