What is CLO’s structure?

The Cooperative Living Organization is student-run with a simple and balanced government. There are three officers, a president, a vice president, and a house manager, who each have specific duties outlined in the house manual. Along with the officers, CLO has a seven-member board of directors. The board is the voice of the co-op; they protect the organization and provide checks and balances for the officers.

Is CLO affiliated with any group?

CLO is a student-run organization that is independent from the University of Florida and unaffiliated with any religious or political group. Applicants are welcome from every background!

What about roommates?

CLO’s primary concern is it’s residents. Roommate matching is done by request or best personality fit. Friends are welcome to live together! The President does their best to accommodate every situation.

What is CLO’s capacity?

CLO houses 80 residents, at two residents per room. There are individual buildings for both men and women housing, with a commons building located between them.

What can I contribute?

CLO’s greatest resource is the students who live here! Every resident at CLO has something unique to offer, working together for the good of the house. There are many roles in such a large organization! Beyond officers and board members, we have crews for the lawn, building maintenance, and upkeep of all of common areas. Everyone brings in skills and knowledge that help in running CLO. Residents come from every culture and background. Greater diversity creates greater possibilities!

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